The tingling grows until my whole body's shaking. My blood feels like it's boiling and I tasted bile in the back of my throat.
I gritted my teeth and waited for it to end.

When I opened my eyes it was much lighter and warmer.

I looked at the read-out and smiled:
I'd arrived right on time!
I stood up shakily and looked around.

The mirror and table had gone, but everything else in the barn was exactly the same. 

Outside, I heard a clap of thunder and thought: Fuck! There can't be a storm today. The car doesn't handle too well in the wet. 

I walked to the doors and peered out through one of the cracks.

Everything was so different: The sky was blue and the fields were gold. The crops bent lazily in the warm breeze and I could see lambs playing on the hill a mile away. There were black storm clouds on the horizon but it didn't look like they were coming this way. I was feeling good, if a little traumatized.
It was going to work. It had to work!