TODAY; 12.30pm:
The pain was even worse. I couldn't handle it.
I must have passed out. Me.

When I awake, I survey the barn for changes but everything is exactly the same: The clock says I've been gone for ten more minutes.

I get up and put on the puffer jacket again, then ponder my next move, while I shave my head.
'What can I do?' I think, 'Why didn't I ask FOUR earlier before the shooting? I could have asked him what I was supposed to do! Fuck!'
It reminds of the Professor at night-school. Communication! Jackass!

'A doctor won't get out here in time ...' I say to myself, '...maybe there's a local one somewhere near.' I look out the door again.

The man on crutches is leaning under the hood, tinkering with something and he looks like he could do with some help himself. I decide to take a chance and go down there.

'Hi' I say as I approach the car. The man looks up at me in a slightly embarrassed fashion, 'Car broken down?' The man shoots me a look from the corner of his eye, then returns to his engine. Up close, I see the man has lost a leg. 'Probably in the Middle East,' I think. 'Listen, do you know of a doctor in this area?'

The man doesn't raise his head but says: 'I'm not from around here,' then slowly fixes me with his sideways gaze: 'But I am a doctor.'
'Maybe you can help, do you have all your equipment on you?'
The one legged man stands up and reaches for a crutch: 'Yeah, it's in the back.' I can tell that the man is suspicious. He's looking at me almost with disbelief in his eyes but that's no problem. We're in the middle of nowhere and if I have to kill the cripple afterwards, it's no skin off my nose. I couldn't even count the number I'd popped today.

I smile: 'Well, maybe we can help each other. I'll go phone a breakdown truck for you and maybe you could do something for me too?'
As I walk back to the barn I turn and see the cripple staring after me in what looks like utter disbelief. 
'This is perfect,' I think, 'A doctor on my door-step.' I pull my t-shirt over my head and start to change into FOUR's clothes: 'I can be back here in ten minutes, shoot my gun into the ground and he'll come running; or at least, hopping! Fantastic!'